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Bending Services

Our seasoned professionals fabricate custom parts using a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, copper and more with a wide range of capabilities.

Custom Tube Bending

Using processes like Compression, Roll, and Rotary Draw bending, our technicians use the finest equipment, leading methodology and flexible materials for custom tube bending services to squeeze exact specifications of a project.

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting, Aluminum Laser Cutting, & Mild Steel Laser Cutting

If you need tube bending done for any small or large project, Accurate Tube Bending, Inc. can guarantee on-time delivery with an unparalleled cutting speed. We offer the fastest turnaround in the business with bending capabilities of 0.75" mild steel tubing to within 0.0003" dimensions.

CNC Milling, CNC Turning & Lathe

Our extensive CNC milling and turning machines can perform many labor-intensive operations with extreme accuracy and consistency, holding tolerances as close as 0.0005". A variety of machine tools are available to reduce prototyping lead times for many parts at once, efficiently.

Fabricator Bends & Straight Tubing

Accurate Tube Bending, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of tubular and welded sheet metal parts and assemblies. We take on a wide variety of precision-formed components of tube fabrication processes from pre cutting of raw materials to final production.

Fabricator Weld Fitting & Modular Tube Products

From start to finish, we have you covered for an ever-changing array of shapes, thicknesses, sizes, material grades, and project specifications. Our fabrication services involve welding processes of GTAW, SAW, FCAW, GMAW-Short arc & pulse, and SAW, with qualified experienced fabricators and certified welders.

Stainless Steel Welding, Mild Steel Welding, & Copper Welding Services

Group specializes in industry-leading specialty welding and field services for high-value, complex construction projects. Our experienced welders have the metallurgical knowledge and field experience necessary to work on a wide array of industrial equipment and materials.

Stock Stainless Steel Bends, Tees, Crosses, & Mitered Elbows

Accurate Tube rolls, forges and welds standard mitered fittings for any application with AWWA C208 characteristics and CAD development of the material patterns. Our vast rolling and welding experience yield the fittings required for industries ranging from power plants, construction to home heating.

Accurate Tube Bending, Inc. is a Full Service One-Stop Shop for Metal Products Fabricated per Customer Specifications

The best in the industry for precision tube bending and metal fabrication from small to large diameters, with the tightest tolerances to meet any requirement.

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