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What Sets us Apart

Specialists in Exceptional Tube Bending and Metal Fabrication

Accurate prides itself on our commitment to excellence. Our professionals have the technical expertise to meet the needs of even the most demanding projects. From the highly sophisticated requirements of the high-tech electronic industry to large scale production runs or providing the durability required for the construction and transportation industries, Accurate maintains the same high standards.

Quality control is maintained in all phases of fabrication and bending processes. Our quality control meets the rigorous standards of military specifications and is ITAR registered as well as ISO 9002 compliant.

At Accurate, the customer benefits from the modern equipment and techniques that we employ. Our equipment enables us to work with all types of metal. The procedures used by Accurate eliminate the need for welding and grinding of purchased elbows while providing a more aesthetically pleasing product. To provide cost-effective, high quality products, we are continually looking to modernize our facilities.

Our entire staff is committed to providing clients with prompt customer service and quality products in a timely and cost-effective manner. Here at Accurate, we aim to set a new standard of service and quality in the tube bending and metal fabrication industry.

Customer Satisfaction

At Accurate, we have many modern machines and capabilities. Our machines can work with all kinds of metal. The procedures used by Accurate create a sturdier, more attractive product without the need for welding or grinding.

Experienced Specialists

more than 40 years of expertise in bending, beam bending, and tube bending have enabled us to accelerate your start-up and maintain a high level of quality control. We have state-of-the-art equipment that accelerate and monitor your project to completion.

Cutting-Edge Quality

Our quality control standards are ISO 9002 compliant and maintained in all phases of fabrication and bending processes, by meeting the rigorous standards of military specifications. Our products are easily the finest you will find on the market, and we produce perfect parts year after year without any quality issues at all.

Safe Environments

Production and maintenance of forklifts and related equipment requires safety training, just as much as the performance of forklifts. Our staff are regularly trained on all aspects of workers' health and safety, and reinvest in a well-rounded approach to ensuring a safe work environment.

Our Capacity

Accurate specializes in the bending and fabrication of simple to complex small & large tubing from .014” to 6.0” O.D. in both tight 1D bends and rolling large radii. We use CNC & hydraulic mandrel bending machines, and hand benders utilizing a high-tech coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to ensure accurate results.

Accurate Tube Bending, Inc. is a Full Service One-Stop Shop for Metal Products Fabricated per Customer Specifications

The best in the industry for tube bending and metal fabrication. Let us quote your next project.

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