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Value-Added Finished Products

Low-cost and Comprehensive

Some materials are easier to bend depending on their thickness, size, and tolerance. When it comes to bending, we have different processes that fit different types of materials. With our top-of-the-line quality control measures in place, the integrity and performance of your final product are guaranteed and safe from potential scrapes and cracks.


Stainless Steel

We use a variety of equipment and warm-forming methods to forge bent stainless steel dimensions for various shapes, angle rollers, and induction heating apparatus. We can easily deliver the bend dimensions even for complex helical spiral bends, customized to your needs.

Carbon Steel

We work with a wide variety of carbon steel grades, each with different mechanical properties. No matter what grade you need, we are ready to help. We understand that each type of carbon steel is different from the others, which is why we can perform precision bends with equal precision in any grade.


From premium extra-strong aluminum to anodized aluminum, we can bend to your exact specifications with precision - whether it's curved, straight, or bent into nooks and crannies. Our team of specialists can take your design drawings and produce precise bent aluminum bars, structural shapes, tubes.


Copper is a durable, highly-flexible material and is an ideal solution for a wide range of industries including plumbing, aerospace, automotive, and more. Accurate Tube Bending, Inc. has the expertise with copper bending presses that can shape even the heaviest tubes to extreme thicknesses right in the machine.


Brass is non-corrosive, resistant to most acids and other damaging materials, making it safe to work with indoors and around dangerous gases. This characteristic is ideal for steering and railing fixtures, where it may be of use as it doesn’t require finishing or maintenance, either.


Inconel is known for its high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, it's a favorite for cryogenic applications by the chemical processing industry. A trusted material for welded vessels it's a complete corrosion and heat-resistant titanium-nickel alloy for vessels, piping and valves.


The medical, sporting goods, and processing industries require titanium products that are able to resist corrosion and withstand extreme temperatures. Titanium is an incredible material for these industries because it's extremely durable, light, and strong.


Hastelloy exhibits superior forming and welding characteristics and can withstand the most extremely high-temperature environments. It is also resistant to chlorine dioxide, hypochlorite and wet chloride gas and can handle exposure to oxidizing salt, wet chloride gas and other corrosive agents.


Chromoly is a high strength steel alloy of the chromium and molybdenum families utilized in aircraft structures, oil tool, gears, marine hardware, motorcycle engines and general hardware. It is best formed cold-worked and may be heat-treated after formation to achieve much greater strength than either cold or hot rolled.


In addition to production runs, we create custom metal alloy tube prototypes. We form, test fit, bend, and wind custom-sized parts to achieve the desired shape. Accurate Tube Bending, Inc. offers precision metal tube bending and winding services to create custom parts and products without any potential collapse.

Accurate Tube Bending, Inc. is a Full Service One-Stop Shop for Metal Products Fabricated as per Customer's Specifications

Avail the best in industry services for curving and bending machinery, equipment, and metals for the smallest to the largest business, perfectly matched with your requirements.

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